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As a Christian businessman, I put God first in my life. As such, I feel it necessary to share  
my story of how I came to Jesus in hopes that curiosity into who I am and how I conduct  
business will lead others to Christ through my testimony along with other articles I have  
written over time as inspired by Almighty God. 
My journey to Christ began in January 1984 when a young man came to work where I did.  
We both worked night shift and I was reading the newspaper one night while he was  
reviewing a drawing at the time. The article I was reading was about a woman who had  
made an amazing recovery from a sometimes fatal disease where doctors thought she was  
a goner. The doctors had no explanation for this recovery. I remarked out loud that the  
doctors didn’t seem to understand it was a miracle, plain and simple. This young man  
asked me what church I went to. I told him I didn’t go to church. I guess he found that  
kind of odd. I knew I had always believed there was a God but my beliefs didn’t go much  
beyond that. I was churched until I began college back in the late 70s but my parents  
weren’t Christians but felt church was good for the family. Well, this young man, my  
friend, began his witness to me. I was stubborn and hard-headed, though, and wanted life  
my way. What was my way? Drugs and alcohol and partying was my life. I always seemed  
to have a little extra money to do this so I lived for it. Life was great (or so I thought). I  
seemd to always be getting into trouble or doing stupid things, though. I and a group of  
my “friends” were nearly arrested in Washington DC for possession of marijuana. My  
brohter and I were arrested for trespassing and stealing parts of a car that was in an  
impound yard run by the Vienna police department (I mean how stupid could we be?!?!?). 
In the meantime, my friend kept witnessing to me by example. He never said much to me  
but led his life in a Christ-Like manner. One day he gave me a book called “Strength for  
Living” or something like that. It was written by a person named Buckingham in 1984, the  
year declared as “The Year of the Bible” by then president Reagan. This was early 1985. I  
threw on the dash of my car and it sat there for a few weeks. One day I was feeling  
particularly down so I started to read it and it had testimonies of famous people. Was I  
surprised to see the testimony og Roger Staubach, one of my all time favorite football  
players! Well, I read on but not the whole book then threw it on my dash again. Well,  
things weren’t going too well still but I continued to observe my friend at work and I  
knew he had problems in his life too but how he handled them and his continual joy of life  
depsite the circumstances really made me stop and think. Right then and there I decided I  
wanted what he had. I picked up the book of my dash again ad read through it to this  
point and cryed out to God and felt better. Then I went out that night and got high again.  
Long about Sunday, two days later, I realized that I wasn’t going to succeed at this my  
own way and really hated myself for the person I had become and didn’t seem to have the  
displine to do what I knew was right. At my lowest point, I decided I could commit  
suicide or talk to God again. Well, I knew I wanted to live so that was out so I simply  
talked to God out loud and told Him to take me and do with me what he wanted because  
God certainly couldn’t do any worse with my life than what I was doing. So I committed  
my life to Jesus toward the end of March 1985 and decided I was going to be obedient  
right from the get go. That meant cold turkey on everything. I quit drugs, alcohol and  
smoking immediately. To be honest, I felt like doing all this cold turkey simultaneously  
was about the worst thing I could have done. My body rebelled against the sudden  
withdrawal from everything all at once. I was not going to give in to my body’s cravings  
though and in my weak moments, recited the Lord’s Prayer, read my Bible faithfully and  
prayed earnestly. I began attending church on Palm Sunday 1985 and joined the church I  
began at in February 1987. 
Life is so different for me and though I still suffer trials and tribualtions, I know Jesus is  
there to walk with me every day and carry me when I feel my burdens are too heavy.  
While this has already become too long, I invite everyone’s comments and if there’s  
enough encouragement, I am willing to continue my story of my walk with Jesus from  
1985 to present. 

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Two great books for seekers and believers alike that I'd recommend are:

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Doug Litten